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Snoopy Come Home

ISBN 9324915054257

Where's Snoopy? What happens when America's favourite beagle turns up missing? Nothing short of a resounding cry from the entire “Peanuts” gang of Snoopy, Come Home. Legendary cartoonist, the late Charles M. Schulz, took his beloved comic strip characters onto the big screen in this dazzling display of colorful animation and delightful music. The fun-loving exploits of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and the whole gang come to life in this story that will enchant the entire family. Accompanying Schulz's adorable characters and witty dialogue is a wondrous score by Richard and Robert Sherman. Their music is filled with upbeat songs that will keep you humming long after the picture is over. Snoopy, Come Home is sound, wholesome entertainment, as well as a hilarious treat for children and adults alike.
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